Enhanced technology skills drive business growth and efficiency rapidly. Most organisations not equipped with the specialized skills and resources take our help to tackle the challenges of their dynamic business environment.

NEXTGEN nurtures an IT skill development team that offers extensive technical expertise across various domains. We help field engineers deliver enhanced infrastructure support through our ITIL and ISO certified team members. From cloud computing skills to any specific technical certification, our Technical Support Group is armed with the right knowledge, expertise and tools.

At NEXTGEN, we offer the best IT technology training in the industry to equip IT managers with the knowledge and skillset to stay up-to-date in the dynamic business environment. Our vast expertise and knowledge is what sets us apart from the other technical training providers India –delivering an unprecedented level of excellence across all training and development services.

Our core areas of service include,

  • Server Administrator Training
  • Database Training
  • Server Security Training
  • IT certification Training

Our team of technical experts have been recognised for their outstanding network security training in Mumbai by several IT and non-IT clients in the past years. You can join our trusted training partners program wherein organisations that rely heavily on IT expertise for their growth and development can learn the latest skills.