Thin Clients

Desktop virtualization allows users to separate a computer desktop environment from the physical computer on a centralized, or remote, server that lets users to remotely log in to access their desktop from any location. For Businesses, especially Small and Medium Enterprises, this technology comes really handy as can save costs and manpower and concentrate on their core business rather than IT issues.

Nextgen collaborates with Ncomputing, the fastest growing desktop virtualization company in the world, to allow secure mobile access to applications, ensuring complete Flexibility, Ease of maintenance, and significantly reduced costs even while helping the environment through reduction of e-waste.


Among the foremost challenges confronted by new-age CIOs and IT managersthey need:

  • Cost-effective utilization of IT infrastructure
  • Go-to-market support for new business initiatives
  • Flexibility in adapting to organizational changes
  • In addition, there is ateeming urgency to maintain the climate of IT budgetary constraints and work efficiently in today’s stringent regulatory requirements.

Virtualization is the central technological innovation that allows skilled IT managers to deploy creative solutions to such business challenges. It is the dynamic mapping of your resources to your business.